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Dentures are a trusted and effective way to replace missing teeth. They are customised, removable plastic or metal frameworks that carry single or multiple false teeth. They are custom made to fit the size and shape of your mouth, making them feel and look as natural as possible.

Before appointment:

  • We will carry out an assessment to see if dentures will be appropriate for you and your mouth. Your remaining teeth and soft tissues should be able to support a Denture, only then it can be useful.
  • If Denture is not a suitable option for you, we will discuss other options to replace missing teeth e.g. an Implant or a Bridge.
  • Once denture is planned for you, we will book 4 appointments with you (an exception is immediate denture which needs 1-2 appointments only). Each appointment is usually 1-2 weeks apart.

During appointment:

  • Appointment 1: We will take first set of impressions of your teeth. The colour shade of your new denture teeth will also be decided at this appointment. We will try to closely match the shade of your existing teeth and involve you actively in selecting the shade to ensure that you would be happy with result.
  • Appointment 2: We will take a second set of detailed impressions of your teeth. These are taken to record any details that the first set of impressions could have missed. Your bite will also be recorded so that your new denture teeth will meet your existing teeth the same way as before.
  • Appointment 3: This appointment is called a Try-in where we will fit a mock up (wax) Denture in your teeth and we can see how the false teeth look, bite and feel in your mouth. Any changes needed can be made easily at this appointment. So, if you think you want anything different, changes can be done at this appointment.
  • Appointment 4: We will fit your new Denture in your mouth at this appointment and carry out any adjustment that is needed. Please know that the Denture will feel quite different to your natural teeth at first, especially if it’s your first Denture. It will take a few weeks for your speech to feel more natural and for your biting to feel more comfortable.

After treatment:

Usually, a follow-up appointment will be needed to adjust the Denture. Please call us and book an appointment if you feel your mouth is sore or your Denture needs some tweaking. We usually recommend to use the Denture for at least a week before a follow-up appointment. If you have any concerns, please call us.


Can I eat normally with Dentures?[KC1]

Can I eat normally with Dentures?[KC1]

Once you get your dentures, it will take few weeks and practice to get used to them and get comfortable eating with them. We suggest that you start with soft food cut into small pieces and gradually move to hard food. After getting used to your dentures, you should be able to eat or drink anything like you would normally.

Can I speak like normal with Dentures?

Can I speak like normal with Dentures?

It can take few days to few weeks to get used to the new dentures, then your speech will be completely normal.

What are the alternatives to Dentures?

What are the alternatives to Dentures?

Your dentist will discuss all possible options with you. Generally, implants or implant supported dentures or bridges can be alternative options.

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